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Featuring a 1,700,000 BTU/hr pellet boiler normally $98,000.00 now only $39,000.00
Evoworld wood chip and wood pellet boilers were originally designed in Europe and are manufactured in New York.  Evoworld offers wood pellet boilers from 85,000 BTU/hr up to 1,700,000 BTU/hr and wood chip boilers 120,000 BTU/hr to 1,700,000 BTU/hr.  All boilers are built to ASME standards.  Evoworld boilers are designed to be compact for their output which makes replacing fossil fuel boilers where space is at a premium easier.  Click here for more inormation
Evoworld wood boiler product line
Evoworld 50 kW wood chip boiler
Evoworld large wood boiler
Evoworld 50 kW wood chip boiler
25 kW Evoworld pellet boiler
We Are Seeking Qualified Installers

Heatek Energy LLC is seeking commercial and residential installers and mechanical contractors in areas including Maine, Northern New Hampshire, and the Canadian Maritime Provinces. Please follow the link to our Installers page for more information.

Introduction to Biomass heating:

Heatek Energy LLC is a biomass energy and biomass heating company located in Auburn Maine specializing in wood pellet boilers and wood chip boilers for biomass heating systems for residential and commercial applications.  We provide biomass heating services in the northeastern United States and eastern Canada.  Heatek provides customers with heating solutions that replace petroleum based heat sources with renewable biomass.  Customers who switch to pellet boilers and biomass see reductions in their annual fuel costs up to 75%; savings can be even greater for commercial and municipal operations. Biomass is an abundant resource in New England and Canada and provides the heating industry with affordable local fuel.  In both the form of wood chips and wood pellets, biomass has proven to be a very affordable fuel.

Heavily forested states as well as Canada provide tremendous opportunities for regional independence from expensive fossil fuels.  In most of these areas timber growth far exceeds the current harvest.  This gives these regions a distinct advantage when it comes to energy independence and availability of biomass and wood pellets . Despite this fact the majority of homes and businesses in these areas are still heated using oil, natural gas or some other form of fossil fuel.  An added advantage of solid fuels like wood chips and wood pellets are that they are non toxic, safe to handle and safe to store, unlike most other heating fuels.

Technology is advancing quickly in the biomass industry and boilers are now highly efficient in addition to having fully automated systems.  

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Heatek Energy LLC is currently offering wood pellet boilers as well as wood chip boilers from EvoWorld and Blue Flame Stoker.  Product lines offered from 85,000 BTU/hr to 15,500,000 BTU/hr ASME coded boilers that will burn wood chips or wood pellets. 
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