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SALE   New 1,700,000 BTU/hr Wood Pellet Boiler

Was $98,000.00  Now $39,000.00

Great opportunity for a large manufacturing or storage facility to cut down on heating costs


This is a complete 1,700,000 BTU/hr wood pellet boiler system.  It is brand new and still in its factory packaging. This is an item we no longer carry so it is heavily discounted. Retail price was around $98,000.00  selling for $39,000.00 + Shipping and Handling.  

500 kW (1,700,000 BTU/hr) complete Wood Pellet boiler system includes wood pellet vacuum feeding system (not shown) as well as flue gas cyclone (not shown) .  Image shows wood chip style feeding system (not included).   All equipment is new and still in packaging. Actual boiler color is yellow and grey.

-         -Fully Automatic boiler operation

-         -Output modulation 30-100%

-         -Combustion controlled by O2 Sensor

-         -Automatic ash removal in burner and heat exchanger

-         -Internet control

-         -Ceramic Burner

-         -Siemens digital control system

This boiler can be modified to burn wood chips. 

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